Company Profile

Misaki BioTech has with a huge aroma therapy ,beauty makeup R&D power and beautician team. In the cosmetics skin care products, innovative R&D capability is very excellent, especially the tech-advanced CO2 supercritical fluid extraction. Mikaki BioTech is preemptive to phase in the Germany-made supercritical fluid extraction equipment, so that we can continue to introduce new products in response to market trends and have products updated in cycle. Aggressively expanding Southeast Asia and the Middle East Muslim countries' huge cosmetics skin care products market, and actively engaged in HALAL certified product development with market development. Misaki BioTech was selected as the Ministry of Education practice study courses of service agencies in Taiwan.

Undertake the Ministry of Education "aromatic plants essential oil extraction technology and industrial application practice course", most participated teachers expertise in areas of cosmetics chemistry, Chinese herbal medicine-based areas. This practical study enabled the participating teachers to enhance their ability in practical teaching by providing them with practical training and industrial real-time analysis. The teachers were provided innovative teaching materials to create and develop their knowledge database for future teaching . , Through the exchange of learning with industry and academia, in the face of the development trend of the industry to provide teachers the correct and innovative teaching direction and teaching skills to achieve "teaching, examination, training, adoption" leads to a substantial increased benefits. Through this study, teachers can assist the department to develop "Situational Teaching and Training Bases" so that students can have hands-on, hands-on "simulation learning" opportunities in the training base of the simulation industry, significantly reduced learning gap. In the future, we plan to set up production, sales and management personnel training centers for aromatherapy, beauty and health products in Kaohsiung. We will be responsible for nurturing young people in the southern region, establishing professional skills and counseling to obtain cosmetic C and B professional licenses.

Business philosophy

Since the establishment of Misaki BioTech adhere to, is the development of high-quality, environmentally friendly and healthy products, and make the greatest efforts to meet customer's requirements, to provide customers the best services and products.

Future Vision

In the face of fierce international competition, Misaki BioTech is constantly improving its own strength. With the principle of "customer is the highest priority and mission will be satisfied", the company will work out the best service process for the current industry situation and customers' needs. Research and development of more excellent technology to bring customers better quality, and enhance the Misaki BioTech in the international competitiveness.